“Grace in a glass”

Michael Cooper

Our wines speak of the vintage yet carry the common thread that is the language of Puriri Hills.

Our maritime climate gives us long cool growing seasons which allow the vines to express a different set of aromatics from those grown in hotter climates. We have elegant nuances and character that just aren’t possible in hotter continental growing regions. We produce wine very specific to our terroir. It reflects our climate, our soil and our people.  The Puriri trees growing here reflect this unique character. They are native to the northern half of the North Island of New Zealand and grow nowhere else in the world. 

We consider each new vintage as a new adventure. We embrace the challenge to make the best expression from what each vintage gives us. We focus on letting the vines make the wine.  We work on improving soil quality by natural means and enhancing the health of the vines so that they can fully engage their potential. We follow regenerative agriculture practices.  We do not embrace shortcuts but focus on maintaining the nuanced character that the vines are capable of producing.

We stick very closely to long practised methods of European winemaking in order to maintain in the wine the subtle and nuanced characteristics that the vines are capable of producing and can be lost in newer production methods. We ferment in open top oak or stainless steel vessels. Elevage takes place over 2 years in barrel - usually about 50% new French Oak. After bottling we age the wine in bottle for up to five years until the wine enters its drinking window. We are building on thousands of years of French winemaking by making our unique Clevedon wine using traditional winemaking practices. 

Puriri Hills Pope

Pope is our exceptional vintage wine, only produced in great years and first produced in 2005. The 2015 Pope, not yet released, is only our sixth making of Pope in over 20 years.

It was named in honour of Ivan Pope who helped to plant and tend the vineyard in its early years. After Ivan’s death in 2005 his spirit lives on at Puriri Hills.

Harmonie du Soir

“Voici venir les temps où vibrant sur sa tige
Chaque fleur s’évapore ainsi qu’un encensoir;
Les sons et les parfums tournent dans l’air du soir; ...

These opening lines from the Charles Baudelaire poem, Harmonie Du Soir, describe the exotic and magical mingling of fragrances in a garden as day turns to night. "Sounds and perfumes turn in the evening air" A friend once commented that Puriri Hills aromas evoked in her the sensations of this poem … hence the name of our flagship wine.

Puriri Hills Estate

Often the first wine from Puriri Hills that people taste as it is a favourite of many fine dining restaurants. Often more approachable and ready to drink a bit younger. It is very expressive of the vintage year by year.


Puriri Hills aspires to produce wines that stand well beside the greats of the “right bank” 

Our blends are proprietary and reflect the percentages of Merlot, Carmenere, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec in our five acre vineyard. Our low-yielding vines are manicured by hand.


Puriri Hills Rosé

Merlot predominant, seductively perfumed and made occasionally when conditions are suitable. A deeper flavour with intensity, weight and character. A dinner wine to serve with salmon, salads, oysters and perfect for a spritzer in summer.


Puriri Hills second label is made for younger drinking in a contemporary style. Mokoroa is the Puriri Moth that lives only in Puriri trees. With 1- 2 years in barrel this red blend is a lighter style with very seductive and pleasing flavours.