our shared goal

To make wines that stand alongside the best wines in the world and yet are uniquely of our place.

Puriri Hills makes luxurious blended red wines inspired by the grand crus of Pomerol and St Émilion, on the right bank of Bordeaux, France. From inception Puriri Hills was created as a premium quality “estate-bottled” production winery. All phases of wine making occur on our property in Clevedon. Wines are grown, made, bottled and stored in temperature controlled cellars on our property.

The first 4 acres of Merlot and Cabernet Franc (later discovered to be Carmenère) were planted in 1997 with additional half acres of other varieties (Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Cabernet Franc) added in 1998, 2000 and 2001.

Puriri Hills produced their first handmade, blended red wine in 1999 on site in temporary facilities. The construction of a dedicated winery began in March 2004 with the 2005 vintage becoming the first to be produced in the newly completed winery.

We make no apology for our unwavering focus on quality. The greatest gift from this focus is that we make impressive wine in all vintages and spectacular wine in outstanding years. It enables us to create a lasting relationship with our customers allowing them to cellar, savour and enjoy our wine over many years.

Judy Fowler, Founder


Judy Fowler

Judy is the owner and winemaker at Puriri Hills. She has had a lifelong interest in Bordeaux blends and came to winemaking with a goal to make classic, elegant, nuanced dinner wines. She is a perfectionist dedicated to producing New Zealand’s best blended wines crafted from merlot, franc, carmenere, cabernet and malbec.


Phil Nunweek

Phil and Judy joined forces in 2005.  Phil heads the vineyard and styles himself as “chief cellar rat” in the winery. He retired from Air New Zealand after a 40 year career, lastly as a 747 captain.  His biological approach to growing has yielded steady improvement in our wine quality and is clearly evident in the taste of our wine today.


Evert Nijzink

Evert is our consulting winemaker and guru. Former chief winemaker at Alpha Domus and Paritua, he now consults for several wineries.  He has taught us the craft of winemaking for nearly 20 years and is an essential part of the wine style of Puriri Hills.  He is always involved in major winemaking and blending decisions. In our “off-season” for the last 15 years you will find Evert winemaking in France.